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PayPay Requirements Explained...



FYI: We are not the only ones to responding to these new policies; Amazon dropped PayPal completely...

Let us explain PayPal and what caused these Requirements:

As most everyone know's PayPal is vast and World Wide; and takes just about all forms of payments.

Due to this many payments do not settle the same way.

PayPal does not discriminate due to processing or country the only thing that differs with PayPal is the surcharges.

PayPal cannot confirm all these different process's; so PayPal wants sellers to confirm with customers for everyone's protections. Both Buyer & Seller.

PayPal also requires shipping address match exactly as the confirmed address in each account.

Finally they require a 3 day hold. At this time I am obligated to adhere to their policy. This is not our decision!

We like to ship as daily as possible, so when we receive your payment, confirmation and okay to ship we will ship based on above creating a mutual agreement. You can also expedite your orders by using a credit card through secure checkout credit card option.


​Order at least $25.00 or more and get 10% off through May 31.

Order at least $25.00 or more and get 10% off through May 31.Don't forget to add your shipping codes for $100 or $200 + in blog!Use code: 74671E58C351AC3 for 10% off!!!

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New information on how 18 - 35 years of age are purchasing

Millennials build trust with beauty brands or particular products through online reviews and tell their parents, grandparents, friends and more.67% of poll respondents said they’d be more likely to purchase makeup if it came with a tutorial on how to apply it.For beauty brands who are still testing the waters of the virtual world, digital [...]

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Shipping Discounts at $100.00 & 200.00

Please use this coupon code as many times as you like.E0DFB1318FC4DB8$10.00 off shipping with $200.00 or more spent.Remember to place in "Coupon Code" and not gift certificates.OR...HZ2GTJ655X$5.00 off shipping with $100.00 or more spent.Remember to place in "Coupon Code" and not gift certificates.Have fun building and creating cosmetics by doing it yourself!

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Services for E-Commerce on Friday 10/21/2016

Hello great customers, as many may know on Friday services for web-host needed to do some precautionary services due to Amazon Kindle DNS servers. This in no way effected anyone with DIY Cosmetic Containers.All servers with Amazon took extra precautions to ensure everyone's safety. There are no Kindle accounts on DIY Cosmetic Containers Computers. Our computers [...]

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New trend to keep up with"Eye Gloss"

Eye gloss—a shiny, non-sticky product formulated specifically to be spread over the lids—happens to be the most used product backstage at New York Fashion Week.With this there are many coming onto the market in about a month that are "eye" safe! To stay in with this trend formulation might be on the top of your [...]

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The beauty world and Millennials

A new survey shows some shocking and some not-so-surprising trends popping up within the millennial generation. Millennial behavior is completely different from the baby boomer generation when it comes to beauty trends.Crazy Color PalettesWith the numerous different colors used in every aspect of makeup, it was found that about 27% of millennials “all-time favorite shade” of:Nail polish [...]

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Silver Blue Slim Line Description

Very elegant to the eye with the blue sliver tint and shiny silver collar.The craftsmanship of these are phenomenal & do not require a mold!Our slim line lipstick tube where you fill is PTEG. The outer shell is injected aluminum casing.These are very scratch & smudge resistant. The caps snap into place every time.Length 3 [...]

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Back in Stock Dial Up Pens Black plus coming new items

Black Accent Dial Up Pens are back in stock with bulk. These pens look fantastic! Great quality achieved. Ready to order now!New Supplier for Lip Stick Base. New all natural Flavor Oils.These should be rolling out on Monday.This melt and pour base is better than ever and all natural also.The base is smooth moist and good wear-ability.Also [...]

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Clam Shells

At this time we have reduced the prices on the Clam Shells to clear.We have had an overwhelming amount of requests for the single well Clam Shells.We will keep this in mind and my debate on keeping the 26, 29, & 37 MM in the future.But at this time the space needed for these is [...]

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