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PayPay Requirements Explained...



FYI: We are not the only ones to responding to these new policies; Amazon dropped PayPal completely...

Let us explain PayPal and what caused these Requirements:

As most everyone know's PayPal is vast and World Wide; and takes just about all forms of payments.

Due to this many payments do not settle the same way.

PayPal does not discriminate due to processing or country the only thing that differs with PayPal is the surcharges.

PayPal cannot confirm all these different process's; so PayPal wants sellers to confirm with customers for everyone's protections. Both Buyer & Seller.

PayPal also requires shipping address match exactly as the confirmed address in each account.

Finally they require a 3 day hold. At this time I am obligated to adhere to their policy. This is not our decision!

We like to ship as daily as possible, so when we receive your payment, confirmation and okay to ship we will ship based on above creating a mutual agreement. You can also expedite your orders by using a credit card through secure checkout credit card option.


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