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PVC Technical Information


Item Sheet Stock

Tensile Strength 8350 psi

Material PVC Type I

Material Type Chemical Resistant

Color Gray

Operating Temp. Range 32 Degrees to 140 Degrees F

Health conditions:

1. Identification of the Article Trade Names : Type 1 PVC

Product Name : Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride sheets Material

CAS Number : 9002-86-2

UN Number : None

ACX Number : X1007407-8 RTECS :

KV0350000 Material Synonyms: PVC


2. Hazards Identification No particular hazards known. (Processing of:) 

Swallowing : non-relevant

Skin absorption : non-relevant

Inhalation : non-relevant

Skin contact : no adverse health effects

Eye contact : non-relevant

Effects of a Repeated Overexposure - None

Medical Conditions Aggravated by Overexposure - None 

Other Effects of Overexposure - None 

3. Finished product - none

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