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Shipping & Returns


FYI:  We are not the only ones to responding to these new policies; Amazon dropped PayPal completely...

PayPal added Seller requirements to orders placed through their system.

1) Confirmation of order.       

2) Three (3) day hold on all purchases.

3) Address has to match shipping confirmed in PayPal account used.

Our response to new Policies:

1) Invoice & payment verification confirms the order. (Payment tab is in invoice.)

2) Order pictures are sent at the same time with invoice;
look over pictures with invoice & we can ship early if you confirm. I.E. "OK Ship"

3) Verify PayPal address is a match to confirmed address on file.

Due to these requirements and the time it takes we can no longer pay the percent surcharges (3% US & 5% Non-US)

we still cover the transaction fee. Explanation in further at bottom of page.

We try to ship daily. There are instances when there are a lot of orders or something is on its way to us, post does not get to us, or weather issues even illness strikes. Just because you request express does not mean your order goes to the top of the pile or we can skip steps. We will ship as directed still. Thank you.

We offer USPS and FedEx.

USPS, Priority 2 to 3 days & Priority Express 1 to 2 days Priority is insured + up to $50.00 included for larger orders insurance can be purchased & 1st Class (No Insurance means DIY Cosmetic Containers cannot take responsibility of any damages or lost packages).

1st Class International (No Insurance-Slow 10-15 days (Tracking only to Country of Destination when released from Customers) & International Priority (5-10 days + up to $50.00 included for larger orders insurance can be purchased).

FedEx Home Delivery 5-10 days, FedEx Express as chosen; Express has Priority overnight, Overnight, 2-Day, 3-Day Express Saver. FedEx insurance is up $100.00.

International Customers: If you select First Class Shipping your order can not be tracked completely and DIY Cosmetics Containers will not take any responsibility for lost packages or damages-use this shipping option at your own risk. We suggest Priority Mail if this is a concern for you.

If you are in a rush for your order we suggest you select one of the FEDEX International Shipping Options. Prices are a bit higher but delivery is much faster as FEDEX has their own customs clearance personnel. You will not be charged for the clearance but you are responsible for any duties, taxes or fees charged by your country.

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of our products we generally do not accept returned items. If there is some form of request of exchange please log in and request through your account. If a return is authorized there will be a 35% restock fee for we need to check each and every container that is returned for cleanliness and/or damages. It can take up to 3-10 days to complete depending on your return/exchange quantities and order volume.

Please check your order as soon as you get it. If you find an error please e-mail or log into your account and let us know within 5 days. If there was an error on our part then you will receive a return label. The items must be returned within 2 days of receipt of the label, packed appropriately so no further damage will incur. We ship corrected items the same day the label is given to you.

 Let us explain further what caused PayPal to do this:

As most everyone know's PayPal is vast and World Wide; and takes just about all forms of payments.

Due to this many payments do not settle the same way.

PayPal does not discriminate due to processing or country the only thing that differs with PayPal is the surcharges.

PayPal cannot confirm all these different process'; so PayPal wants sellers to confirm with customers for everyone's protections. Both Buyer & Seller.

PayPal also requires shipping address match exactly as the confirmed address in each account.

Finally they require a 3 day hold. At this time I am obligated to adhere to their policy. This is not our decision!

We like to ship as daily as possible, so if and when we receive your confirmation and okay to ship we will ship based on creating a mutual agreement. You can also expedite your orders by using a credit card through secure checkout credit card option.

                                                    Policy can change and update without notice for any reason arising.

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